About our sound

For those of you i have not already bored, the core sound of the band comes from one instrument (a fender Stratocaster) and played by one person. This is possible by having a modified split output from the guitar, one going to the bass amp (centre in the picture) and one to the guitar amps (this in turn is split into the two guitar amps) This give the flexibility of bass and 2 Guitars or any combination at the same time.

About our gear

For the last 6 months or so I have been using a different rig. Originally I was pitch shifting a bass up to produce the Guitar sound, pictures below, I have now switched to a Guitar which I pitch shift down to produce the bass.

Other significant developments have been the Helix HX Stomp replacing about 10 or so pedals, simplifying and shrinking the rig but with no loss of functionality, if anything it is now more flexible.

My latest significant change has been to swap the EHX Pog 2 for the EHX Bass, this basically give you 9 core bass sounds from a guitar which you can tweak to infinity (the modified pedal in front of the tuner). This was great but I found I needed to use more than one sound depending on the song and whether I was playing verse chorus or a lead line. Therefore I found Mircrodesignum. is a link to the products. They are a modifier based in the Czech Republic. They have enabled me to add full midi functionality to the pedal and I can have up to 128 presents triggered from the ES8 switcher. It is truly brilliant I may try to do a video demo if I get time.

Basically I can work all pedals/amps from the switcher and have programmed this with each bank being one song, i.e. 1 being start, 2 being verse, 3 Chorus etc. If you want to know more let me know, I highly recommend it.


The old rig 

The Schecter Modified to have separate Bass and Guitar outputs

The Schecter in all its gloryBass Amp

Guitar and Bass Amps

Drums and Sequencers